Roy Jones Jr. vs Bodybuilder ‘NDO Champ’ Official Celebrity Boxing Clash in the Metaverse

Official Celebrity Boxing: Jones Jr. vs NDO Champ

This will be the first official volumetric event that the Galaxy Arena Metaverse puts on, and it will feature Jones vs. NDO Champ. The boxing greats Roy Jones Jr. and Ndo Champ are going head to head in this bout to see who will become the undisputed champion.

A real-life brawl that will be recorded in high definition and aired live in the virtual world will be shown as part of The Clash in the Metaverse, which will be demonstrated using cutting-edge volumetric and Unreal Engine technologies.  The following is a rundown of everything you need to know about the match.

How to watch Jones Jr. vs NDO Champ fight online anywhere.

  • Fight Card: Roy Jones Jr vs Robert Wilmote
  • Start time: Friday 06.30.2023 at 09:00 pm ET
  • Venue: Galaxy Arena
  • Location: Miami, Florida, United States
  • Ownership: Official Celebrity Boxing
  • Genre: Boxing 
  • Channel: MultiVision Media
  • Network: FITE

All of the major pay-per-view (PPV) outlets, such as cable, streaming, and cryptocurrency websites, will offer the fight for sale to customers.

Clash in the Metaverse 2023 venue 

A “Phygital” fight is about to take place for the very first time in the annals of combat sports at Galaxy Arena, which is a metaverse entertainment hub located in a location that offers consumers from all over the world a one-of-a-kind and immersive virtual reality experience. Galaxy Arena is getting set to hold the fight. The fight will take place between Roy Jones Jr. and the NDO Champion.


The Galaxy Arena is composed of three essential components, each of which is focused towards giving a one-of-a-kind experience in the metaverse: the Galaxy Arena, a gym and fitness center, and the Galaxy Tower. Each of these components is designed to provide a unique encounter within the metaverse.

‘But, at the same time, boxing is my domain. If you come into my domain I have to defend it. That’s just who I am. I’m not offended though because I understand.

‘Although, at the back of my mind I am going to feel offended so I got to show this guy that all his muscle mean nothing, this is my domain’.

The two stars will face-off in a first-of-its-kind metaverse fight, where ‘two fighters will physically battle it out in the ring while being directly transposed into the Metaverse, incorporating State of the art Volumetric Capture technology’.

Details, provided by FITE TV claim ‘the PPV will be in the traditional 2D format but still display many of the features.’

When asked why he took the fight with NDO Champ, Jones Jr said: ‘The process behind taking this fight was the fact it will be the first fight ever on the meteverse and I love being the first when it comes to anything.

‘When I can be the first person to ever do something, that automatically gets my blood boiling. It’s gets my blood going. So, the fact that I could be the first person to complete a metaverse fight was very interesting to me

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